Types of Gas Burners – Their Uses and Benefits

Gas burners have become a major part of our life. Whether it’s a mere light snack or a complete meal, there’s not much better option that gas stove available around. Microwave’s food is often bland and tasteless whereas gas stoves provide better heating and control while cooking the food.

Gas burners make the major part of our gas stove as they provide the heating element and helps provide the flame to heat the meal. There are generally three major types of gas burners which we’ll discuss down below along with their uses and benefits. Read along.

1) Standing Pilot

Standing pilot gas burner is the one where there’s a constant burning flame right beneath the cooking top. This is one of the most simplistic of the cooking designs and is used along with in many cooking tops worldwide. This one does consume quite a fuel than the other cooking tops.

These use a thermocouple or thermopile to form a flame. These have been used along for long since the beginning. Here are the uses and benefits of this one.

Uses of Standing Pilot Gas Burner

  • Standing pilot gas burner has been used along as a major gas burner since the start.
  • It has time tested features and produces better flame than the rest.
  • It has been used by people of all masses worldwide.

Benefits of Standing Pilot Gas Burner

  • Standing pilot gas burner is a time-tested gas burner which has been used along for years and long.
  • If maintained for well, the standing pilot gas burner will provide quite a long period of service
  • It also adds heat to the home during the months of the winter.

2)  Electric Ignition

Electric ignition based gas burners are quite common these days and are used along by many people. After developing the standing pilot based gas burner, people further underwent and developed the electric based ones which are used along extensively in the western nations pretty much.

This sort of gas burners is based on electric sparks which when generated ignites the burners whilst producing a small clicking noise. The flame after ignition can be later regulated with the help of the knob on the gas stove.

Uses of Electric Ignition Gas burner

  • These are often used in the household in the western countries as it’s a common theme to have electric ignition based ones in place of standing pilot ones.
  • They are maintenance free when compared to standing pilot gas burner.

Benefits of Electric Ignition gas burner

  • They are the new technology in the town and certainly the future of this field.
  • It’s more efficient and energy saving.

3) Sealed Burners

Sealed gas burners are one of the other options available in the market apart from the standing pilot and the electric ignition type. This one is based on a fused cooktop surrounded with a bowl that can catch any debris and spills that may occur. This one is quite easier to clean up and is used quite a lot these days.

Uses of Sealed Gas burners

  • Sealed gas burners are used extensively due to their easy maintenance option.
  • These are preferred by smaller households who do not require the high power of standing pilot or the electric ignition.

Benefits of Sealed Gas burners

  • These are maintenance free when compared to others.
  • These are pretty easy to handle and doesn’t require troubleshooting as with the electric ignition types.

Gas burners are available in different forms and are used as per the requirement of the user. Some may prefer the standing pilot as that has been used for long whilst many may opt for the new generation electric ones. Whilst the sealed gas burners are also making rave reviews these days. We hope you found out about the gas burner types and its uses and benefits with this post.

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