The 5 Best Kaff Gas Stove Review

Modern-day kitchens are no longer just utilitarian spaces to cook food for sustenance. Kitchens today are places where art is made in the form of food. Gone are the days when kitchen appliances meant a humble two-burner gas stove and nothing else. Nowadays there are hundreds of different types of kitchen appliances. With Indian kitchens opening up to international cuisines and recipes, Indian kitchens have geared up with the appropriate tools. However even with all the radical changes that the Indian kitchen is going through, if there is one thing that has remained unchanged and irreplaceable, that has to be the humble gas stove.

Of course it has been snazzed up to meet 21st century standards, it remains a kitchen favourite for most home cooks. The gas stove is probably the simplest appliance to use. Unlike the microwave oven or the Induction oven, you can actually control the heating process and the cooking time when you are cooking on a gas stove. Many old-timers love cooking on the gas stove because it gives them a sense of control on the cooking process. KAFF is a powerhouse when it comes to kitchen appliances and more specifically the gas stove. KAFF has a wide range of gas stoves for all types of buyers.

Types of Kaff Gas Stoves

 These days, there are scores of different types of gas stoves available in the market. There are designer gas stoves, automatic ignition stoves, there are stoves with more than two burners, and the list is endless. Gas stoves have created a niche for themselves in the kitchen appliance market. Here are a few of the best gas stoves from KAFF:

1) KAFF 3 Burner Cooktop (KC 71 3B SBJ)

This is one of the most famous cooktops from the house of KAFF. SImple and elegant in design, this cooktop comes with a small, a large and a jumbo burner for all your different cooking needs. This particular gas stove comes with a 2 year warranty and is made to last a lifetime. The cooktop is made of toughened glass which does not let scratches and stain stick to its surface. This cooktop is easy to clean and can handle high heat. It also prevents minor breakages and cracks. The three burners are made of hardened brass alloy for increased fuel efficiency and have specially designed holes for even distribution of heat. The burners come with heavy and sturdy pans which can easily support even the biggest and heaviest utensils. The brass burners are supported by high quality stainless steel drip trays. This means that your kitchen slab or table will remain clean because the drip trays will stop any spillage while cooking. The body of the gas stove is strong and feels sturdy and lasts long enough. It also comes with three beautifully designed knobs finished in silver that feel solid to hold and are extremely responsive.


  • The gas stove has three burners, one small, one large and one jumbo.
  • The gas burners are made of durable brass alloy and offer uniform heat distribution and increase fuel efficiency.
  • The burners have stainless steel drip plates and four spoke pans to hold large utensils.
  • This gas stove has a 2 year manufacturing warranty, but lasts longer than that.
  • The gas stove has a black toughened glass cooktop which is resistant to stains, scratches and high heat.


  • It does not come with automatic electrical ignition and one needs to use a matchstick or a lighter to turn it on.

2) KAFF KC 57 4B SBJ SS Cooktop

If you have a larger family to feed, the KAFF 4 burner cooktop is the one for you. It looks good, has four burners of different sizes for different levels of heat and different functions. It comes covered with a single piece, 8mm think, toughened black glass. This looks really nice and does not let any stain form on its surface. You also will not be able to scratch it with unintentional touches. Additionally the glass is resistant to high heat and it is well prepared for any kitchen challenge you might have in store. The Burners are made of a brass alloy and get 4mm thick heavy-duty pan supports. These supports come with four spokes and are accurately designed to be able to support both the smallest and the largest items. This gas stove keeps your kitchen clean with its stainless steel drip plates that come with the burners. These drip plates are easy to remove and prevent staining and spilling on your kitchen slab or table while cooking. This particular stove comes with beautiful metal gas knobs to control the flames. Appropriately positioned, these knobs offer a premium feel and great flame control. These also feel very solid to hold.


  • The gas stove comes with four brass burners in 4 different sizes for utility and easy of use.
  • The brass burners are topped with 4mm thick four spoke pan supports which keep utensils of all shapes and kinds steady.
  • The stove has a beautiful, heat, stain and scratch resistant glass top.
  • The burners have stainless steel drip plates under them which prevent spillage onto the kitchen slab.
  • The gas knobs are made of metal and feel sturdy and expensive. They also offer great feel and feedback.


  • It does not get automatic electric ignition and requires external help.

3) KAFF Tempered Glass 3 Burner Hob

Gas stoves these days have become fancier than before. They need to be way more aesthetic and make your kitchen look good, while also being great at their job. If you are looking for one such stove, the KAFF tempered glass 3 burner hob is the product you are looking for. It is supremely stylish with its 8mm thick, black tempered glass top and its aesthetic gas knobs. The glass top can withstand high heat, prevents breakage and remains scratch and stain free. Two of the three burners are double flame and one is a triple flame. This particular technology makes sure that your utensil gets heated up uniformly from the sides to the centre. The stove also gets automatic ignition. You do not need to look for a matchstick or a lighter every time you have to cook. You can just turn the knobs and it comes to life. Talking of Knobs, the hob comes with beautiful metal swivel knobs which are easy to hold and offer accurate control on the flame. The burners get enamelled and matt-finished 4 spoke grills along with stainless steel drip trays so that your posh kitchen remains stain free are beautiful at all times.


  • This particular gas stove comes with automatic ignition technology.
  • It has three burners, all equipped with enamelled pan supports and drip trays to prevent spillage.
  • One of the burners is triple flame, while the other two are double flame burners, for uniform heating of the utensil and faster cooking.
  • The hob is made of 8mm thick tempered glass which prevents small breakages, stains and scratches.
  • It is extremely stylish and looks elegant and modern. This stove will bring your kitchen into the 21st century..


  • It might be dangerous around kids due to the automatic ignition.

4) KAFF Stainless Steel 4 Burner Hob – KSN BR 460

There are gas stoves and there are heavy duty gas stoves which do their jobs looking good. The KSN BR 460 is one such gas stove. It is finished in stainless steel and will take you down the memory lane and give you a sturdy retro feel. The stainless steel body is sturdy and strong and inspires confidence. THis stove is equipped with four aluminium burners. One of these burners is a triple flame burner, one is a normal single flame burner, while the other two are double flame burners. Each of the burners are specially designed to serve a specific purpose. The layered flames make sure that your utensil is heated up evenly. The burners have massive cast iron grills which protect the burners and also provide superior and confidence-inspiring support to utensils of any size. This hob also comes with automatic ignition and its superior energy saving technology saves fuel through the smart burners and the automatic ignition system. The burners are supremely powerful and are controlled with top-mounted metal swivel knobs with flame markings for accurate gas and flame control. These knobs are among the best in the market.


  • This stove is finished in stainless steel and stands out among black glass top hobs.
  • The stove has four intelligent aluminium burners, each with its own specific function.
  • Its burners shoot out flames in concentric layers, which results in even and faster heating of the utensil.
  • The hob works with an automatic ignition technology, which, along with the smart burners, saves a lot of LPG.
  • The burners are protected by huge cast iron grills which double up as pan supports and can hold utensils of any size.


  • The design is a bit radical and might not be in tune with everybody’s tastes.

5) KAFF MFBX 604 4 Burners Hob

If black is your favourite colour and you love leaving impressions on people’s mind, the KAFF MFBX 604 is the perfect gas hob for you. This gas hob looks absolutely futuristic, has lots of cast iron cladding and is finished in all-black. The burners on this stove are made of a brass alloy and come in four different sizes and forms. There is one massive triple-ring burner that comes with FFD. There is one small triple-ring burner, one dual-ring burner and one mini ring burner. Each of these burners has a specific purpose. All the burners have burner caps made of brass, painted in black and have massive cast iron grills which protect the burner and support utensils of all shapes and sizes. The base of the hob is made of black tempered glass which can endure high heat, scratches, stains and does not break easily. The burners also have square shaped drip trays which are also painted black. These drip trays keep the glass base and your kitchen clean and spill free. The hob comes with auto-ignition and is controlled using four beautiful swivel wheel knobs which are great to use and offer great control over the flames.


  • This is one of the best looking gas stoves in the Indian market today.
  • It comes with 4 burners, each of them having different flame settings to serve a particular purpose, specifically designed for the Indian Kitchen.
  • All the Burners are made of a brass alloy and have brass burner caps.
  • The burners are covered with large cast iron grills which also act as pan support for utensils.
  • The hob is equipped with automatic ignition which prevents wastage of fuel.
  • The base of the hob is made of toughened tempered glass.


  • Not everyone would love the heavy and black design.

Buying Guide for Kaff Gas Stoves

With so many different companies displaying such varied ranges of products, it can be extremely difficult to understand which gas stove to choose, if you are looking to buy a new stove. It is imperative that you realise that gas stoves are usually a long term investment and need to match the design and feel of your kitchen. It also needs to be in sync with your cooking style. You also need to make sure that if you have kids in the house, the kind of gas stove you choose, should not expose your kids to any harm.

Apart from all this, there are so many different things that you need to keep in mind. It can get a bit confusing which feature is important for you and which are the features that you absolutely need in your stove. All of this makes buying a gas stove a daunting task and most people end up going for the first product they see or the product that looks the best. This is not the right approach. Here are a few factors that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for a gas stove:

  • Obviously one of the most important factors is your Budget.
  • Another very important thing to decide on, is the number of burners you need.
  • The company is very important. It is advisable to buy gas stoves only from trusted and reputed companies.
  • You should also check if the stoves are auto-ignition In case you have small children in the house, it might be prudent to get a gas stove with manual ignition.
  • You should also check the warranty and guarantee that the company offers on the product.
  • The Size of the gas stove is crucial.
  • Fuel Efficiency is another factor you want to keep in mind.
  • You should check to see if all burners can be used simultaneously.


In today’s world, gas stoves have become a huge market in themselves and there are hundreds of different types of products waiting to be bought by you. However you want to buy that gas stove that matches your personality and your style of cooking perfectly. You want your gas stove to be comfortable inside your kitchen and it should be able to fulfill all your needs. KAFF offers gas stoves for all kinds of needs and budgets. Check out their range of products now.