The 5 Best Elica Gas Stove Review – Detailed!

 Gas stoves have evolved into cooktops in the 21st century. Today, like many other things, gas stoves cannot just be good stoves. They also need to be good looking. There are many companies which make designer cooktops and hobs. However you need to find the perfect balance between practicality and style, and you need to find the product with both these qualities that fit your budget. All of this can be slightly daunting and finding a product that meets all your requirements can be rather difficult.

If you are looking for gas stoves and cooktops which will be simple and easy to use, but will also look stylish and elegant in your kitchen, Elica Gas Stoves are exactly what you need. Elica makes a wide range of stoves, from built-in hobs to stainless steel and tempered glass stoves with different types of burners suited for different uses. Elica specialises in domestic cooktops and uses only the best quality materials for your products. These products go through rigorous tests and controls to make sure that you get only the best products which meet international standards. Elica offers a wide range of products and has something for every budget.

The 5 Best Elica Gas Stove Review – Buy Now

Gas stoves are a huge market, especially in India which practically plans its days around food. Indians love to cook and eat and the market is filled with different types of gas stoves, to meet the different needs of different people and cooking styles. Here are a few gas stoves from the house of Elica.

1) Elica Vetro Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

If you have a lot of mouths to feed and need a gas stove which has 4 burners, or if you need different types of burners for different reasons, then the Elica Vetro glass top 4 burner stove should be the product of your choice. This gas stove has two small burners and 2 medium burners which sit on a premium finish, toughened back glass top which comes with a massive 7-year warranty. This glass top is scratch and stain-resistant and can withstand prolonged exposure to high degrees of heat. The burners are made of a heavy brass alloy which offers excellent fuel efficiency and stable and consistent flames. The burners are equipped with euro coated grids with four spokes each which provide tough and assured performance. The pans are strong and can confidently support utensils and appliances of any size. The cooktop itself is large enough to easily fit 4 large utensils on it with relative ease. The burners also get stainless steel support plates which offer additional durability and sturdiness to the burners. Finally, the Vetro 4 burner stove gets beautifully designed ergonomic knobs which are extremely good to hold and offer supreme flame control confidence.


  • This gas stove has a total of four burners, two small and two medium burners.
  • Each burner is made of a brass alloy that reduces fuel leakage and offers a uniform flow of gas.
  • The glass top comes with a 7-year warranty and the entire product gets a 2-year manufacturing warranty.
  • The burners have 4 spoke grids which can hold any large utensils.
  • The glass top is stain and scratch-resistant and does not crack under high heat.


  • There have been repeated complaints from users about defective burners on this particular product.

2) Elica Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

If you are looking to buy a stylish and modern gas stove with three burners, look no more. The Elica glass 3 burner stove is the perfect mix of supreme performance and minimalist and elegant modern designing. It comes with 3 burners, each made for a specific purpose. There is one large burner, one medium burner and one small burner. The burners are built of forged brass which makes sure that each of the burners is absolutely perfect and has uniform holes to maintain steady and proper flow of gas and flame. Each burner has a squared enamel grid with four spokes which help in keeping the utensils stable and secure while cooking. One great feature about this gas stove is that it comes with SABAF valves which helps the uniform cooking of food by distributing the flame better across the holes. It also has a beautiful toughened glass top which is stain and scratch-resistant and can endure a lot of heat. Elica gives a 7-year warranty on this glass top and a 5-year warranty on the burner and its parts. The stove is extremely easy to clean and lends a modern and effortlessly beautiful look to your kitchen.


  • The stove has three burners, one big, one medium and the third small.
  • The burners are made of forged brass and have uniform holes to increase efficiency.
  • It has SABAF valves to help in the uniform distribution of the flame.
  • It gets a massive 7-year warranty on the toughened glass top and a 5-year warranty on the burner and its assorted parts.
  • The burners are equipped with square enamel grids which keep even the largest utensils stable while cooking.


  • The surface area of the cooktop is not big enough to accommodate three large utensils to cook simultaneously.

3) Elica Glass 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Gas stoves have come a long way since the simple and humber stoves of the 20th century. Gas stoves are now a status symbol for your kitchen. If you are looking for something that screams class, then the Elica 3 burner auto ignition stove is where your search ends. This gas stove is an auto-ignition stove. This means that you do not need a matchstick or a lighter to turn this on. This feature makes your kitchen stand out as a very modern setup. It obviously has a toughened glass top which is very sturdy and prevents minor breakages and is also heat resistant. It also remains scratch-free and does not let the stain sit. This feature makes it rather easy to clean. The stove has 3 burners for different levels of heat and different styles of cooking. Its burners are made of brass and consume lesser fuel compared to their TRB or aluminium counterparts. It also gets superior quality European gas valves to prevent any kind of gas leakage. The knobs on the stove are very elegant and feel expensive to touch. They also offer firm and accurate flame control and inspire a great deal of confidence.


  • This gas stove comes with auto-ignition technology, which means that one does not need lighters or matchsticks anymore.
  • It has three burners of three different sizes to aid in different styles of cooking.
  • It has a beautiful black hardened glass top which is crack resistant and can endure a lot of heat.
  • The burners on this stove are made of brass which is more fuel-efficient than their competitors.
  • It is fitted with European gas valves which ensure zero gas leakage from the pipe.


  • This stove can be risky around children because they might turn on the auto-ignition burners by mistake.

4) Elica 3 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Stove

Not all gas stoves need to be flashy and shiny. Some gas stoves just need to be able to get the job done without any issue. The Elica 3 Burner Stove does just that. It has no bling and just does its job perfectly. Some people want their gas stoves to be simple and efficient, to be in tune with their simple kitchen. They do not want a high-end stove with lots of glass and automatic knobs that would look out of place in their kitchen. This particular Elica stove comes with 3 burners, each of a different size. These burners are made of high-quality brass and are made to provide optimum performance. The burners have equally-spaced and uniform holes to ensure safe and fuel-efficient flames. This is a gas stove which has no frills and is going to last you a lifetime. It is made of sturdy stainless steel and is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It has completely manual operation and you have complete control over the stove and its gas usage. This stove also has ergonomically designed gas knobs to control the flow of gas. These knobs are well sculpted and offer great control over the level of the flame.


  • This is a simple gas stove with no unnecessary frills.
  • It has a very strong and jointless stainless steel body which is certain to last for a very long time.
  • It has three burners with variable sizes for different uses.
  • The burners are made of a strong brass alloy which lasts long and helps in conservation of energy.
  • The gas stove is easy to maintain and clean.
  • The knobs offer great flame control and help in increasing fuel efficiency.


  • This product does not look particularly expensive and can feel a bit cheap.

5) Elica Hob 3 Burner Auto Ignition Glass top

If you are someone who likes to do whatever they are doing, in style, then the Elica Hob 3 burner auto-Ignition stove is the perfect match for you. This is the cream of the crop when it comes to gas stoves. It is beautiful, elegant, modern and extremely practical. This gas stove will make your kitchen look modern and sophisticated. Just like its design, this product has a long list of features. This stove has 3 burners; two mini triple-ring and one double-ring burner which have two or three concentric layers of flames to make sure your utensil is heated evenly. The brass burners come with multi-flame control technology which decreases your cooking time and increases fuel efficiency. The burners are topped with heavy cast iron detachable grids which help in ensuring proper cleaning of the hob. The hob comes finished in a beautiful black glass top which looks gorgeous and is corrosion, scratch and temperature resistant and prevents cracks and breakages. The knobs are the final elements of this beautifully designed hob and feel chunky and expensive to hold. They have a very smooth turn and help in controlling the flame perfectly.


  • This is an extremely good-looking, elegantly designed gas stove.
  • It comes with automatic ignition which means that there is no need for lighters or matchsticks.
  • It has three burners, with variable concentric layers of flames to ensure even heat dispersion.
  • The burners come with durable and stable grids made of heavy cast iron and offer great stability to large utensils.
  • The cooktop is made of toughened black glass which is resistant to scratches, high heat and stains and looks absolutely gorgeous.
  • This product is extremely low maintenance and lasts for a rather long time.
  • The knobs on the hob are placed in front and are heat resistant.


  • It is slightly expensive and can be dangerous if children are around. 

Buying Guide for Elica Gas Stove

There are a ton of different types of gas stoves in the market today. Add to that the fact that each one of those come equipped with different designs and features. In such a scenario deciding on which gas stove to buy becomes quite a daunting task. There are so many factors to be kept in mind and yet there are still so many companies selling similar products. Gas stoves are not a small, impulse buy. They last long and will be in your kitchen for a fairly large amount of time. It is imperative that you make sure you know exactly what you are looking for before you go ahead and buy one. Here are a few factors that you should keep in mind when you are out shopping for a new gas stove for your kitchen:

  • The Company is probably one of the most important factors that you should check out. There are a lot of companies in the market. However, not all companies offer good quality product and after-sales services.
  • It is also rather important to know how many burners you want your stove to have. If you have a small family, you will probably not need a 4 burner gas stove.
  • Price is obviously one of the major factors involved in this decision. You should decide on a budget beforehand and then find products that are within your budget.
  • You also need to check the Warranty and the Guarantee that the company provides on the product that you choose.
  • You need to keep the size of your kitchen in mind. You do not want to buy a large gas stove for a small kitchen.
  • It is also wise to check if the stove you choose requires electricity or not.


It might seem that buying a gas stove in the 21st century is a difficult and confusing job. However, a gas stove is the centre of your kitchen and it is wise to spend a considerable amount of time finding the gas stove that fits you and your kitchen. Even though there are scores of different variables to be considered, this guide above should be able to help you figure out the exact features and qualities that you are looking for in your stove. Once you have ascertained those, go and check out Elica’s range of beautiful gas stoves and buy one today.